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2014-15 Graduate Student Summer Funding Recipients

2014-15 Graduate Student Summer Funding Recipients Posted on August 21, 2015


Congratulations Graduate Student Summer Funding Recipients

Geraldine Gudefin, Brandeis University
“Navigating the Civil and Religious Worlds: Jewish Immigrants & Marital Laws in France and the United States 1881-1939”

Stefanie Halpern, Jewish Theological Seminary
“Crossing Over from the Yiddish Rialto to the American Stage”

Elizabeth E. Imber, Johns Hopkins University
“Jewish Political Lives in the British Empire: Zionism, Nationalism, Imperialism, and the ‘British Question,’ 1917-1948”

Robert B Isaacson, George Washington University
“From “Brave Little Israel” to “an Elite and Domineering People:” The Image of Israel in France, 1948-1973″

Samuel J. Kessler, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“The Scientific Rabbinics of Adolf Jellinek: Tradition, Authority, and Enlightenment in Nineteenth-Century Austro-German Jewry”

Natalie E. Latteri, University of New Mexico
“Teshuvah and a Projection of Whoredom in Solomon’s Apocalypse: An Historical Analysis of the Chronicle of Solomon bar Samson”

David M. Markus, University of Florida
“The Archaeology of Jewish Folk Religious Practice: The Materiality of 19th Century Jewish Domestic Life”

Avigail S. Oren, Carnegie Mellon University
“Adjusting to Change: The Jewish Community Center Movement in Postwar Urban America, 1945-1980”

Stacy Renee Veeder, University of New York at Albany
“The Republican Race: Assimilation, Refugees, and Race in France: 1933- 1945”