Alfred Ivry

Alfred IvryAlfred Ivry
Professor of Jewish and Islamic Philosophy, NYU


9/63 – 9/65 Oxford University: D. Phil. in Islamic Philosophy, awarded 2/71

9/58 – 6/63 Brandeis University: Ph.D. in Medieval Jewish Philosophy

2/53 – 6/57 Brooklyn College: B.A. in English Literature and Philosophy

2/53 – 6/56 Herzliah Hebrew Teachers Institute, New York. Diploma.

New York University, 1989-2005: Skirball Professor of Jewish Thought, Skirball Department of Hebrew & Judaic Studies; Professor of Islamic Philosophy, Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies.

Brandeis University, 1976-1989: Walter S. Hilborn Professor of Near Eastern & Judaic Studies, Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies.

The Ohio State University, 1974-76: Leon Yassenoff Professor of Philosophy and Jewish Studies, Department of Philosophy.

Cornell University, 1967-71: Assistant Professor of Arabic and Hebrew Studies.

1971-74: Associate Professor, Department of Semitic Languages and Literatures.


Selected Publications

Averroes’ Middle Commentary on Aristotle’s De Anima. Critical Hebrew edition of the translation by Moses ibn Tibbon. The Israel Academy of Arts and Science, Jerusalem, 2003.

“Hermann Cohen, Leo Strauss, Alexander Altmann: Maimonides in Germany,” The Trias of Maimonides/Die Trias Des Maimonides, ed. Georges Tamer (Walter De Gruyter, Berlin, New York, 2005), 175-183.

“The Guide and Maimonides’ Philosophical Sources,” The Cambridge Companion to Maimonides, ed. Kenneth Seeskin (Cambridge University Press, New York, 2005), 58-81.

“Triangulating the Imagination: Avicenna, Maimonides and Averroes,” Intellect and Imagination in Medieval Philosophy. Actes du XI Congrès International de Philosophie Médiévale de la Société Internationale pour l’Étude de la Philosophie Médiévale (S.I.E.P.M.), ed. M.C. Pacheco and J.F. Meirinhos (Brepols Publishers, Turnhout, 2006), I: 667-676.

“The Two Solomons and the Guide of the Perplexed,” Écriture et réécriture des texts philosophiques médiévaux: Volume d’hommage offert à Colette Sirat, edd. J. Hamesse et O. Weijers (Brepols, Turnhout, Belgium, 2006), 275-290.

“Maimonides’ Guide of the Perplexed: A Philosophical Guide,” University of Chicago Press, 2016.