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Victor Aptowitzer

Victor Aptowitzer was a professor of Jewish texts and philosophy and one of the first recipients of an AAJR non-resident research fellowship. Aptowitzer was born in 1871 in Tarnopol, Galicia to a Hasidic family. He studied at the University of Vienna and the Israelitisch-theologische Lehranstalt, and in 1909 he became a professor of Midrash, Bible, and Jewish philosophy at the Israelitisch-theologische Lehranstalt. He later also taught at the Jewish Theological Seminary in Vienna.

In response to the Nazi occupation of Austria, Aptowitzer fled to Jerusalem in 1938. In Palestine Aptowitzer received a non-resident fellowship from AAJR, which provided him a small stipend, and he was given the title of Research Fellow of the Academy in Residence Abroad. Aptowitzer died in Palestine in 1942.