Special Initiatives Fund

2018-19 Call for Applications

In order to, 1) encourage projects of academic collaboration between Jewish studies programs (or faculty) between two or more institutions, either in the same city or in cities in close geographical proximity to each other, Or, 2) enable collaborative scholarly endeavors that would not otherwise receive funding, AAJR will support several special initiatives with modest grants.  Examples of projects that will be considered for support are ongoing, theme-focused seminars or workshops open to faculty and graduate students from the participating programs.  Graduate-student-driven projects (under faculty supervision) will also be considered for funding.

The maximum amount to be awarded to any project will be $5,000.  The grant may be used to subsidize the travel of participants (when the institutions are in different cities), to bring in speakers from outside the participating institutions, and to pay project-related administrative costs.

All projects of the first type should extend for at least one year and may extend for longer periods and should be structured around multiple meetings or sessions.  The initiative is NOT intended to support one-time events like conferences.

Applications should include a detailed description of the project, as well as a budget, a letter from the head of the relevant department, program, or center indicating approval of the project, and the name of one reference.

Funding is intended only for faculty and graduate students at North American universities.

Please submit applications on-line via email to Cheri Thompson, administrator of the American Academy for Jewish Research, at aajr.office@gmail.com. The deadline for applications is February 4, 2019.  Recipients of grants will be notified by May 2019.

For questions regarding this program, please contact Professor Marsha Rozenblit, Chair of the review committee at mrozenbl@umd.edu.


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